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Homemade Awama, Lokma Easy Crispy Sweet Ball Recipe

This is very nice and very delicious sweet with simple ingredients that is available at any home. An easy to make and ready in few minutes. Doesn't need any cooking experience. It is known with many names as Awama, Zalabia or Lokmat Elkadi. It is basically sweet fried dough balls. They are diary free and egg free it can be a nice vegetarian sweet. If you enjoy sweets then you can try this other recipe, creamy rice pudding recipe from here.
Lokma - Crispy Sweet Ball

Dough Ingredients :
1 Cup Flour
2 Tbsp Starch
1 Tsp Dry Yeast
1 Tsp Sugar
 3/4 Cup Warm Water
2 Tbsp Veg Oil
Sugar Syrup Ingredients:
2 Cup Sugar 
1 Cup Water 
1/4 Tsp Lemon Juice

Let's first make the Sugar Syrup. In a pan add the sugar and water on high heat and mix till the sugar is completely dissolved, add the lemon juice and mix. Let the Syrup a side till cold. You can put it in the fridge to accelerate the process.

Now in a big bowl add the dough ingredients together. Start with dry ingredients mix well then add the water and mix with a spatula. The amount of water may differ slightly depending on the flour type. Mix till the dough is like honey, in thickness. Cover the dough and keep it in warm place till double in size. 

Once your dough is ready now add vegetable oil in a pan and medium heat and wait till the oil is hot. This is very important, mix the dough again with spatula before start frying to get all the air out. Now, get the dough with your hand and squeeze between your thumb and index finger and cut small pieces (please refer to the video) with spoon and add to the oil to fry them. Fry till mild golden yellow and remove from the frying pan to paper towel. Once you finished frying the dough refry the balls again as patches till dark brown color, to make them crispier. Once the color is brown remove from the frying pan and add them to the sugar syrup. Immerse the cooked balls in the sugar syrup for few seconds before removing them to the serving plate. You can add your choice of crushed nuts on the surface preferably with Pistachios.